Search Engine Marketing Services

For years, SEM or Search Engine Marketing has been looked upon as the under lying block of many companies’ online website marketing strategies. The logical reasoning behind this is that, when somebody searches for a particular word or words and your site shows up, that person is basically a potential visitor and a potential buyer … Continue reading

What is Pay Per Call? How does it work?

by: Joe Balestrino Pay Per Call is the next wave of advertising on the Internet. Similar to a Pay – Per –Click advertising. Pay Per Call has a lot more to offer and a wider audience in mind. The Pay-Per Call (PP-Call) is geared towards small businesses that do not have a web presence on … Continue reading

Nokia supplies traffic data to Microsoft for Bing Maps

UNSURPRISINGLY, Nokia has announced that it will supply traffic and geo-coding data to Microsoft’s Bing Maps. Nokia, which owns the mapping firm Navteq, will provide Microsoft’s Bing Maps service with traffic data and geo-coding algorithms. The firm said it will deliver traffic data for 24 countries along with travel disruption notifications. Nokia said Bing Maps … Continue reading

Learn about Display Network Advertising with Google AdWords

Reblogged From Google Adwords Blog   Join us every Wednesday at 11am PST on the Google+ Your Business page to learn about the tools that Google offers your business. This week, we’re excited to bring you a Hangout On Air about advertising on the Google Display Network. The Display Network is a powerful tool that … Continue reading

ManageWP With More New Features & Amazing Partners (and Savings) Too!

(Reblogged From ManageWP News) New ManageWP Features! Theme & Plugin Installs Direct From Dropbox We recently improved our Dropbox integration with OAuth integration, and now we are happy to announce that we’ve taken it a step further. Dropbox users can now install themes and plugins directly from Dropbox. Code Snippet Sharing For those with knowledge … Continue reading

what is rich snippets? google impact for rich snippets

what is Rich snippets (microdata, microformats, and RDFa)? Haven’t been aware of rich snippets? You’ll notice concerning these a whole lot in 2011-12 since Google continues to rotate out there increased serp’s making use of microdata which you distribute. Microdata will be info which is invisible or perhaps suggested inside website code with the site … Continue reading